Social Impact

Find out how Nova Junior Consulting has an impact on Society

Our approach to Social Responsibility includes operating in ways that are socially responsible and sustainable; promoting social impact by empowering members to give back to the community; and increasing NJC’s social footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NJC’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is to comply with legal, ethical and social values, as well as to proactively set different initiatives that promote societal change and generate impact. Our strategy builds around three main pillars: Projects, Academic Driven Initiatives and Community Driven Initiatives.


NJC’ develops Pro bono projects and other paid consulting services that create positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

Academic Driven Initiatives

NJC tries to bridge the gap between the academic community and the consulting industry, as well as to create a positive impact within Nova SBE. Some of its initiatives include the Consulting Days and NJC Scholarship.

Community Driven Initiatives

NJC develops activities that empower members to give back to the community. Initiatives include the External Magazine, Mentorship to High School Students, Donations and Volunteering Activities.

NJC Scholarship

The NJC Scholarship is aimed at providing accreditation to first-year students that early in their Bachelor’s program are able to demonstrate excellent academic and extracurricular performance, as well as professional ambition. Such students will not only benefit from financial aid during their first year, but also from valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.

Application Process

Online Form

Each candidate should fill an online form encompassing short questions concerning prior experiences, acquired capabilities and academic achievements, and questions assessing the candidate’s motivation for the programme and fit with NJC’s values.
Step 1


Each candidate will have to produce a video with a maximum length of three minutes, answering to two questions concerning student's aspirations, plans and fit with the scholarship.
Step 2

Final Interview

Each candidate will have a final talk to deepen the topics mentioned in the video and conduct further motivational assessment.
Step 3

Selection Criteria

Academic Achievements

Sports & Culture Activities


Leadership & Entrepreneurship
Teamwork Capabilities
Professional Ambition
Intellectual Curiosity

Contribution to Society

Do you have any questions? Send us an email to or check our Scholarship Regulation.

Apply until the 30th of December!

Campus de Carcavelos, Rua da Holanda 1, 2775-405 Carcavelos, Portugal

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