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Since 2012, Nova Junior Consulting prides itself on working alongside its clients to develop unique solutions to their problems. Our consultants are eager to use the expertise they have acquired at Nova School of Business & Economics to deliver impactful projects. Each year, our services portfolio is revised to offer only the best advice.

How can we help you?

Market Research

Our market research can be both general and detailed. It may vary between industry analysis, measuring clients' satisfaction, estimating a products’ demand, evaluating a brand’s image, among others.

Business & Financial Planning

Through a comprehensive analysis of a given firm's areas of action, our team develops the reasoning of the project to be implemented, along with a detailed step-by-step plan on how said project should occur in order to achieve the desired goals.


One of our services consists of providing strategic support to companies that intend to expand to one or more markets. The assigned team's  involvement ranges from accompanying the project at its early stages of research to the actual execution of the project.

Talent Attraction

We recognise better than anyone the value of a good team, therefore our consultants help companies develop their job proposition, in order to ensure that the company is able to attract the employees required for its success.

Strategic Assessment

Through a strategic assessment, our team will evaluate the relevant factors that might influence the client's decision-making. This will allow the client to make informed decisions that will ultimately translate into a more successful  business.

Startup Support

We are aware of startups’ specific needs. As such, we offer specialized solutions. Our know-how together with our competitive pricing make us the ideal partner for a company that is new to the market or is still in its early stages.

Marketing Strategy

At NJC we recognize the importance of a sound and effective marketing strategy in a business' success.Our team will analyse the market and develop the best approach to ensure a strategic placement that allows the company to better target their desired market segment.

Process Mapping & Process Optimization

NJC also prides itself on improving its clients' efficiency. By mapping a company's processes, the team is able to identify potential improvements and help the client implement them, increasing its productivity.

Contact Process

First Contact

The first meeting is a key moment for our clients and consultants. This meeting serves as a unique opportunity for you to get to know the way we work and for our consultants to better understand your goals and needs. 
Step 1


After the First Contact, our team will develop a tailored proposal in which we will present you the way we assess your situation and the means we intend to implement to help you achieve your objectives. Each proposal includes a provisional timetable and a proposed budget.
Step 2


Once we reach an agreement, our consultants will kick-off the project following the established methodology. The team will perform a detailed diagnosis by deep diving into the current situation, opportunities and challenges.
Step 3

Field Study

Our team of consultants will then generate and evaluate solutions tailored to your needs, by focusing on delivering lasting impact and helping your organization achieve its most important objectives.
Step 4


Our Strengths

Nº1 Business School in Portugal

Triple Crown Accreditation

Nº1 Masters in Portugal (FT Ranking)

54% International Applicants

250+ Alumni Network

40+ Available consultants

6 Nova SBE Professors in our Advisory Board

JE Quality Accreditation

Our Clients

Campus de Carcavelos, Rua da Holanda 1, 2775-405 Carcavelos, Portugal

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